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1000 - The Board of Fire Commissioners


1000 Legal Status and Operation
1110 Number of Members and Terms of Office
1111 Election
1112 Resignation
1113  Vacancies
1114  Oath of Office
1120  Annual Organizational Meeting
1210  Officers of the Board: Chair 
1211  Officers of the Board: Vice-Chair 
1220  Duties of Individual Commissioners 
1240  Consultants 
1310  Adoption and Amendment of Policies 
1311  Policy Manuals 
1312  Administrative Procedures 
1320  Suspension of a Policy 
1330  Audit of Expenditures 
1400  Meetings 
1400.1   Meetings
1410  Executive or Closed Sessions 
1420  Agenda 
1430  Quorum 
1440  Conduct and Order of Business 
1440.1  Parliamentary Procedures
1441 Audience Participation 
1450  Minutes 
1460  Absence of Fire Commissioner
1510  The Mission of the Board of Fire Commissioners 
1511  Conduct of Public Official
1512 Conflict of Interest
1610  Fire Commissioner Expenses 
1610.1 Fire Commissioner Expenses 
1620 Fire Commissioner Insurance
1630 Fire Commissioner Compensation
1710 Goals and Objectives
1720 In-service Conferences for Fire Commissioners
1730 Liaison with WA Association of Fire Commissioners

Burn Permit

Serve Your Community!

Calls for Service

2018 Calls - 177

As of January 31