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2000 - Personnel


2000 Goals
2101 Employment of Handicapped Persons
2102 Workplace Harassment
2103  Whistle Blower- Reporting 
2104  Oath of Office 
2200  Collective Bargaining 
2210  Applicability of Personnel Policies 
2300  Fire Chief 
2301  Organization of Staff 
2302  Evaluation of Staff 
2410  Recruitment of Career Staff 
2411  Firefighter Qualifications 
2412  Employment of Staff 
2413  Employment Contracts 
2414  Temporary Positions 
2415  Part-time Staff 
2416  Physical Examinations 
2417  Temporary Disability 
2418 Seasonal Hire Firefighters
2420  Assignment 
2421  Promotions 
2430  Position Descriptions 
2431  Working Conditions 
2432  Length of Work Day 
2440  Code of Conduct 
2441  Conflict of Interest 
2442  Dress Code 
2443  Solicitations, Endorsements or Gifts 
2445  Use of Tobacco Products 
2446  Resolution of Staff Complaints 
2447  Alcohol & Drug Testing 
2450  Performance Evaluation--Staff 
2500  Personnel Records 
2600  Termination of Employment 
2601  Resignation 
2602  Retirement 
2603  Probation or Termination 
2604  Disciplinary Action and Discharge 
2604.1  Table of Offenses and Penalities 
2605  Staff Assistance Program 
2606  Reduction in Force 
2710  Compensation Schedule 
2711  Pay Periods 
2712  Payroll Deductions 
2720  Leave Benefits 
2721  Military Leave 
2722  Jury Duty and Subpoena Leave 
2723  Leave of Absence 
2724  Unauthorized Leave 
2725  Shared Leave Program 
2730  Health Insurance 
2731  Retirement Program 
2732  Holidays 
2733  Staff Vacations 
2740  Staff Training 
2741  Travel Expenses 
2744  Reimbursement for Personel Loss 
2745  Food & Beverage Consumptions 
2750  Recognition for Meritorious Service 
2800  Volunteer Firefighters 
2801  Volunteers- Membership Requirements 
2802  Resident Firefighter Program 
2810  Volunteers- Training 
2811 Volunteers- Participation and Training Requirements- Corrective Actions
2820  Volunteers- Performance Evaluation 
2821  Volunteers- Promotions 
2822 Volunteers- Volunteer Officer Development Program
2830 Volunteers- Disciplinary Action and Termination
2840 Volunteers- Complaint Procedure
2848 Volunteers- Sick Leave
2849 Volunteers- Volunteer Vacations
2850 Volunteers- Leave of Absence
2851 Volunteers- Resignation
2860 Reimbursement for Volunteer Firefighters
2861 Volunteer Firefighters Relief and Pension Benefits
2871 Use of Department Purchasing Card

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