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4000 - Operations


4100.1 General Facility Requirements
4100.2 Sanitation, Disinfection, Cleaning and Storage Areas
4100.3 Fire Station Equipment and Tools


Fire Service Equipment 
4100.5  Testing Fire Service Equipment 
4100.6  Ground Ladders 
4100.7  Electrical 
4100.8  Sleeping Areas 
4100.9  Apparatus Areas 
4100.10  Indoor Air Quality 
4100.11  Refueling Areas 
4100.12  Fire Apparatus Inspection, Maintenance & Repair 
4100.13  Automotive Apparatus Operational Rules 
4100.14  Hose Drying Towers 
4100.15  First Aid Kits 
4200.1  Accident Prevention Program 
4200.3  Injuries and Illnesses Reporting: For Firefighters 
4200.4  Accident Investigation 
4200.5  Fire Department Safety Officer 
4200.6  Safeplace Standards 
4200.8  Hazard Communications Program 
4200.8.1  Management's Responsibility 
4200.8.2  Employee's Responsibility 
4200.9  First Aid Training and Certification 
4200.10  Body Protection 
4200.11  Personal Protective Clothing 
4200.12  Eye and Face Protection 
4200.13  Hand Protection 
4200.14  Hearing Protection 
4200.15  Personal Alert Safety System (PASS) Protection 
4200.16  Life Safety Ropes, Harnesses and Hardware Protection 
4200.17  Station Work Uniforms for Members 
4200.18  Airborne Infectious Disease Control Plan 
4200.19  Foot Protection for Structural Firefighting 
4200.20  Respiratory Protection Program 
4200.21  Infectious Disease Control Plan 
4200.22  Head Protection 
4200.23 Influenza Immunizations
4200.24 Body Armor
4200.25 Overhaul and Post Fire Activities
4200.26 Exposure to Heat & Cold Stress
4400.1  Emergency Medical Protection 
4400.2  Emergency Fireground Operations- Structural Risk Management 
4400.3  Passport Accountability System 
4400.4  Rapid Intervention Team 
4400.5  Civil Disturbance 
4400.6  Risk Management for Incidents of Violence 
4400.7 Response to Large Scale Violent Incidents (Under Development)
4400.10  Emergency Fireground Operations- Incident Command System 
4400.11  Rope Rescue Operations 
4400.12  Trench Rescue Operations 
4400.13  Hazardous Materials Emergency Response 
4400.14  Emergency Response to Storm Damage 
4400.15  Emergency Response to Reported Suicide 
4400.16  Emergency Response to a Bomb Threat 
4400.17 Response to Chimney Fires
4400.18 Water and Ice Rescue Incidents 
4400.19  Response to Crime Scene and Fatality Incidents 
4400.20  Helicopter Rescue
4400.21  Response to LPG Carrier and Container Emergencies 
4400.22  Response to Flammable Liquid Fires 
4400.23  Response to Electrical Fires and Hazards 
4400.24  Standard Emergency Response
4400.25  Incident Scene Safety 
4400.26  Structure Fire Operations
4400.27  Motor Vehicle Accidents
4400.28  Emergency Medical Responses 
4400.30  Carbon Monoxide Responses 
4400.34 BLS Transport Program
4400.35  Standby Teams 
4400.36  Emergency Fireground Signal 
4400.38  Confined Space Rescue Operations 
4400.39  Wildland Fire Operations
4400.40  Personal Protective Clothing and Equipment for Wildland Firefighting 
4400.41  Wildland Personal Accountability 
4400.42  Apparatus Standards for Wildland Firefighting 
4400.43  Occupant Restraints and Enclosures for Wildland Firefighting 
4400.44  Equipment for Wildland Firefighting 
4400.45  Aircraft Operations for Wildland Firefighting 
4400.46  Heat Related Illness Prevention for Wildland Firefighters
4400.47  Training for Wildland Firefighters 
4400.48  Eye Protection for Wildland Firefighting 
4400.49  Hand Protection for Wildland Firefighting 
4400.50  Foot Protection for Wildland Firefighting 
4400.51  Head Protection for Wildland Firefighting 
4400.52  Urban Wildfire Operations 
4400.53 Traffic Work Zone Safety
4400.54 Clandestine Drugs Labs
4400.55 Emergency Decontamination
4500 Fire Investigation
4500.1 Fire Investigation Safety
4600.1 Fire Training
4600.2 General Training Requirements
4600.3 Water Rescue Operations Training
  Special Operations Rescue Team (SORT) Policies
SORT Confined Space Rescue
SORT Rope Rescue Operation
SORT Thurston County Special Operations Rescue Response Mobilization Plan and Operating Guidelines
SORT Structural Collapse and Rescue Procedures
SORT Trench and Excavation Collapse and Water Rescue

Burn Permit

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