Mission Statement


Protect the lives and property of the people we serve.



Vision Statement


Set the standard for organizational excellence.






  •     Professional and Performance Excellence
  •     Strong Partnerships Compassionate Care
  •     Continuous Quality Improvement
  •     Ethically Driven  



  • Manage organizational and community risk.
  • Being the leader in professional training and education.  
  • Maintain personnel, training, equipment and programs to efficiently handle emergencies and disasters.
  • Manage a level of risk through prefire planning, public education and participation in plan reviews.
  • Being the leader in special operations to effectively address the diverse geographical challenges of the district.  
  • Develop, implement and document best practices.



Burn Permit

Serve Your Community!

Calls for Service

2018 Calls - 2077

2019 Calls - 2120

2020 Calls - 476 as of March 27