Headquarters Station

125 Delphi Rd NW  Olympia, WA  98502  MAP


The Adminstration and the districts fire training facility is located here.  The station is staffed by a combination of career, volunteer and SPSCC FEST firefighters.  Public Education classes (CPR + First Aid) classes are held in the station training room. 


  • Engine 91
  • Tender 91
  • Aid 91
  • Brush 91
  • Brush 912
  • SORT 91
  • Battalion 9



 3204 36th Ave NW  Olympia, WA  98502  MAP


Located near the Cooper Point Golf course on 36th Ave, the station provides quick access to the citizens residing in the Cooper Point area and the housing areas of the Evergreen Station College. 


  • Engine 92
  • Aid 92



2815 Summit Lake Shore Rd NW   Olympia, WA  98502   MAP


The western-most fire station, Station 93 is located on the north-western corner of Summit Lake. This station allows fast access to citizens that live in the rural area surrounding the lake, the State Route 8 Highway cooridor, the Straddeline ORV park, and the wilderness area Capitol Forest. Six full-time Resident Volunteers live at the station.  


  • Engine 93
  • Aid 93
  • ORV 93



6005 Cooper Point rd NW, Olympia, WA 98502   MAP


The northern-most station, Station 94 serves the Cooper Point area of the District.  This station is staffed by three live-in Resident Firefighters. 


  • Engine 94



5911 Black Lake Blvd SW   Olympia, WA  98512  MAP


Station 95 is the southern most station.  Formerly Station "51", it is the department's southern-most station. This station serves the communities surrounding Black Lake, areas adjacent to the City of Tumwater, and the western side of Capitol Forest.  Public Education classes (CPR + First Aid, etc.) are held in the station's Training Room. In addition to the career staffing, Station 95 houses four (4) Resident volunteers full time in addition to the Volunteer firefighters. This station is staffed 24 hours a day.


  • Engine 95
  • Tender 95
  • Aid 95
  • Brush 95
  • ORV 95
  • Boat 95



4402 Black Lake Belmore Rd SW    Olympia, WA  98512  MAP


This station is currently not serving as a response station for the District.   Service is currently being provided by Station 95 and through auto aid agreements with the City of Tumwater Fire Department.







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