If your child is not properly restrained in the vehicle, the chances of him/her sustaining possible life-threatening injuries from an accident are greater than if the child is restrained.  McLane Black Lake Fire Department is unable to provide certified car seat inspections at this time.  However, locations that can provide this service is listed below:


 Lacey Fire Department
1231 Franz St. SW,  Lacey
3rd Tuesday of each month, 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

No appointment necessary


Tumwater Fire Station

311 Israel Road SW, Tumwater
1st Tuesday of each month, 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm
No appointment necessary




Mullinax Ford - Thurston County Sheriff's Office
3121 Pacific Ave, Olympia
2nd Saturday of each month, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
No appointment necessary


For additional information about Child Safety Seat Climics, call Thurston County Sheriffs Office at (360) 786-5512


Rear Facing Infants under 35 lbs.

Under age one:  Always face the baby to the rear of the vehicle.  Small, infant-only car seats should always face the rear.  Covertible car seats face the rear for children up to 22-35 pounds.

Over age one:  Can continue rear-facing if the child is under the maximum weight limit of your child car seat.


Forward Facing Seat with Harness for Childrent up to 40 lbs

A child uses a forward-facing car seat with a shoulder harness up to 40 pounds; this may a convertible car seat, a forward-facing car seat, or a built-in seat. 


Booster Seat with Lap/Shoulder Belts

Safety belts do not fit children correctly until approximately age 8.  Under the current law, children must be in a belt positioning booster until they reach age 8 or they are four feet, nine inches tall.  Use a belt-positioning if the vehicle has a lap/shoulder belts in the back seat. 

For those who have newer vehicles with air bags, it is highly recommended that a child aged 12 and under, remain in the back seat.  The powerful force of an air bag (approximately 200 miles per hour), is very dangerous when sitting close to it. 




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