Disaster Preparedness


Prepare your family to take care of itself in the event of a disaster

Five steps to family disaster preparedness:

  • Talk with your family about disasters that could happen in the Pacific Northwest, such as home fires, wildfires, severe winter weather, flooding, earthquakes, and hazardous materials accidents.
  • Train all family members. Take first aid classes. Learn to use a fire extinguisher. Locate your utility shutoff valves and know when and how to turn off your gas, electricity and water. Make sure several people in your household have this knowledge or training. Pick two places to meet; one right outside your home in case of a sudden emergency, like a fire, another outside your neighborhood, in case you can't return home or are asked to leave your neighborhood. Everyone must know the address and phone number of your meeting locations.
  • Take stock of supplies you may already have on hand that would be helpful in a disaster. Put together a disaster supplies kit. Involve the whole family in collecting and assembling supplies of food, water, and emergency tools.
  • Tell everyone in the household where emergency contact information is kept. Post a copy on your refrigerator and keep another with your emergency supplies. Complete an emergency contact list as found on the American Red Cross website. Make sure you have included an out of state contact. You may be able to reach them when local phone lines not in operation.
  • Test your readiness on a regular basis. Review your family disaster plan and go through supplies at least once a year. Commit to a day or weekend to update phone numbers, hold family fire and earthquake drills and check supplies.

Make sure to include the six basics in your family disaster kit:

  •     Water
  •     Food
  •     First Aid Supplies
  •     Clothing and Bedding
  •     Emergency Supplies
  •     Special Items

Links for more information:

Follow the links for more information about preparing a disaster kit and other ways to prepare. Don't get caught unprepared.

American Red Cross Family Disaster Plan
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