Old medications should not be left in unsecured medicine cabinets, and are not safe to dump in the trash or down the drain.  Acidental poisionings and intentional misuse of medications is a serious problem.  Please take unwanted medication to an accepted location for medicine disposal.  The following is a list of Thurston County agencies that accept medications:

City of Tenino  (360) 264-2626

Lacey Police Department  (360) 459-4333

Rainier City Hall  (360) 446-2265

Thurston County Sheriff  (360) 867-2664

Tumwater Police Department  (360) 754-5855

Yelm Police Department  (360) 458-5701


Needles / Synringes (Sharps)

Needles and syringes must be placed in a sharps container or plastic 2-liter bottle, such as a soda bottle, with a tight-fitting lid or cap (do not use water bottles, which are not as strong). Tighten the lid and seal with tape. Place a label on the outside of the container or bottle indicating "syringes" or "sharps".

Properly prepared sharps containers may be placed in the trash.


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