MBLFD is a combination department with career and volunteer personnel working together to provide outstanding service to the citizens we protect.  If you have a desire to become involved with MBLFD as a volunteer, applications are accepted twice a year.  As a volunteer firefighter, you will become an important part of our response team. We also accept entry level EMS only volunteers who have a current NREMT certification.




  • Responds to fires and other emergencies.  
  • Performs firefighting duties and provides emergency medical care to the sick and injured.
  • Checks and maintains fire apparatus and equipment to ensure operational readiness.
  • Once trained, drives fire apparatus and operates life-saving equipment.
  • Maintains fire station and grounds.
  • Educates the public in fire and injury prevention.
  • Serves their community a minimum of 36 hours per month as part of an assigned emergency response crew. 




The Firefighter Recruit Academy provides new firefighters with the basic knowledge and skills to perform safely on the fireground. The Volunteer Fire Academy is IFSAC accredited and curriculum objectives meet the requirements of the Washington State Basic Firefighter I Training Program. 

What is the academy purpose?

The recruit academy prepares students for the fireground by providing classroom and drill ground training in all primary fire service topics, including fire behavior, fire suppression, water supply, ventilation, search and rescue, overhaul, salvage, and fire scene evidence protection.

Firefighter recruits receive instruction in the use of all firefighter tools and equipment, personal protective equipment (PPE), and self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA).  The academy runs for four months with classes held weekly on Tuesday and Thursday nights with skills days on Saturdays.

Interested in a career in the Fire Service?

Many individuals who enroll in the academy are searching for a career in the fire service as a full time paid firefighter. They enroll in the academy to gain the initial training that will lead them down that path through ongoing training and certification with their sponsoring agency. They gain volunteer experience with their district in order to learn the profession.


Applications are accepted twice a year (Summer and Winter).

Following the application process (written test, oral interview, background check, physical agility test and medical physical), the successful Volunteer Firefighter Candidate begins orientation and basic training in the Thurston County Firefighter Recruit Academy.  MBLFD provides all necessary personal protective equipment which remains the property of the district.  Medical insurance is provided by the Washington State Board for Volunteer Firefighters. Firefighting is not for everyone. It takes more than just a desire to help people. It requires courage, dedication, and assertiveness.

The McLane Black Lake Fire Department is always looking for individuals who want to serve their community!  Just stop by the headquarters station for a Volunteer Firefighter Recruitment Information Packet.


Contact: Volunteer Administrator Michelle Meeds

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125 Delphi Rd. NW
Olympia,WA 98502
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